Global Cardboard Challenge

Join us in the Global Cardboard Challenge during the month of September. Let's have fun as a community and celebrate and foster creativity in ourselves and our children.

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Seniors and Technology

Convert memories to digital. Senior and Youth Mentors available to help! Life long learning an essential skill!

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Thank you Doug Howard

Thank you Doug Howard for your generous donation. The horse is now on display at the Town of High River/MD office.

Modeling learning and essential skills

Modeling learning and essential skills to your children is one of the best ways to build skills together. Learning together as a family not only builds literacy it builds relationships which is key to healthy happy families.

I am Three

Watch for the "I am Three" events in your community! Lots of fun, connections to supports and learning about how to build your child's brain! We are proud members of the Foothills Children's Wellness Network.

Natured Kids

We are excited to announce a pilot called "Natured Kids". Check out the link for more information.

Dog Tales in the Schools

Dog Tales in the Schools is making a difference with reluctant readers. It builds skills, confidence and relationships. Thank you volunteers for being part of the solution.

Parent/Child Preschool Programs

The first three years of a child's life are key to future learning and happiness. Check out our Parent/Child Preschool Programs.

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The Grate Groan-Up Spelling Bee

This hilarious, action packed afternoon has 12 teams of 3 adults from local businesses competing in a battle for bragging rights to spelling supremacy.

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